Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Concluding Thoughts

Aged..... or reverse-aged by nature

This was an unforgettable trip, not necessarily enjoyable, but unforgettable. It was a 336 hour long emotional and physical challenge for which we couldn’t back out – only move forward. We didn’t necessarily want to eat dehydrated food ever day, dig a hole for a bathroom, apply first aid to our feet every stop… we had to. We had to deal with whatever came our way. It was like living as an animal, except for the toilet paper, the stove, the fuel, the first aid, the water filter, the tent…..… well, it’s as close to an animal as I will ever be.

I don’t think I will do another trip quite like this one. It is like you can see the fish, but you don’t get to catch them, but you’re carrying the gear to do so. I have discovered that the wilderness is not a highway to be traveled through at high speeds. The wilderness is a rest stop to pause and take a break from the highway which is our lives.

I have also learned that when something seems wrong, or I assume it will get worse – It will get better within 2 days.

List of temporary ailments:

· Cold sore on lips

· Scabs throughout nostrils

· Fingernails all pulled away from swollen fingers

· Blisters the size of additional toes on feet

· Achilles tendon strained

· Sunburned eyes

· Taste buds desensitized (except for elevation 14,500 ft.)

· General joint aches

· General digestive problems

Total weight loss: 13 pounds

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