Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 6: (mile 74.5 – mile 93.2)

We awake @ 5:45am to find ourselves covered in a layer of frost. It has coated our tents, our sleeping bags, our bear canisters, our clothes. My underwear from the clothesline could act as a dinner tray. Our water bottles are solid. Getting ready is slow going. This is our biggest day yet. Total we climb 4,000 ft. and total we drop 4,000 ft. Silver pass is beautiful – The drainage to the south makes for really pleasant hiking. We stop to dip into its freezing water as a stream curves and ponds over solid bedrock. The last leg of the hiked was horrendous- 4.6 miles up 2100 ft., no scenery. We are now at our destination, solely because there is water here – 12 hours later. New blisters are arriving daily – I now have 13 toes. I manage them every break, but am running out of supplies. We will near the Muir Trail Ranch tomorrow for our re-supply. Note: Bear ridge is the worst 7-mile hike ever.

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