Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 8: (mile 108 – mile 120.5)

At our halfway mark I can now start counting down in instead of counting up. The entire gauging process has involved increments of increments. For example, ‘in 2 miles you will have gone 1/3 of the day’s distance, and by that point you will have been ¼ of the entire distance.’

This morning we added 15 pounds of food to our packs and our feet don’t like it. The food cache operation at the Muir Trail Ranch was slow – 2 hours slow. Their internet access was down, so they had to go about business analogue - As ranchers you wouldn’t think this would hinder them.

We hiked into Kings Canyon National Park, up the San Joaquin River. It’s big, loud, and beautiful. Then we made our way up to Evolution Valley, where we took a swim in a cascading pool with a bedrock bottom. We set up camp at an elevated perch above a meandering stretch of the evolution creek. Today we logged our least amount of mileage - I blame it on the absence of homemade jerky. What is this Oberto crap?

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