Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 10: (mile 139.5 – mile 155)

We knew we had a big climb on the menu today. I remember seeing this on the profile day 3. It’s 4,000 ft. straight up for 10 miles to Mather Pass 12,100 ft. We did it with a short swim between in Palisades Lake. There was an old man on the trail with a external frame pack 24” above his head, fully clothed in dark jeans and flannel. He would walk 20 feet and sit down, walk 20 feet and sit down. I hope he made it to where he was going. It looked like this was his last goal, to summit Mather pass and he didn't even bother to tell his old lady where he was off to. We have also notice old ladies hiking solo on this trail, we pass them every day, buty they seem to keep making the distance. Slow and steady wins the race.You start getting delusional and dizzy at this height and the trail is made solely of jagged rocks. Every once and a while up here there is an underground stream or baby blue lake. Then you make it down to where grasses start to grow, then the shrubs, then the conifers, then the aspens, then the wide rivers, then you know you gotta go back up. Overall today was a good day. We are camped near the Taboose pass trail and finally made it in with some light to spare.

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