Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 13: (mile 190 – mile 205.7)

We found new energy today, knowing the end is near. We averaged 4 mph for about 6 miles, then had to pump water, and lost our speed. - so we went fishing for 15 minutes. Our goal was guitar lake, the base camp for hiking Whitney. We sit now below this beast shooting out of the ground, awaiting the morning to tackle it with full force. We have the entire afternoon to lounge here, fish, and swim along with the small town of other hikers awaiting the same destination.

The view and the time here is beautiful. It is our first rest in 13 days. Why are we pushing so hard to get out of here? Ever free moment we have is filled with ideas of moving farther and faster– just for the challenge. Maybe its that German heritage, or just the desire to be able to smell yourself without gagging.

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