Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 11: (mile 155 – mile 173)

My extension-of-a-toe blister has popped. It now looks like a deflated bean bag around my entire toe. I scrubbed it in the river with camp suds, squeezed out all excess fluid, filled it back up with antiseptic wipe via suction, squeezed out excess antiseptic, applied dab of Neosporin on band aid to act as gasket to prevent influx in and around the bean bag hole.

We climbed Pinchot pass quickly, then hobbled on down the back side – These 3500 ft. of descent are like trying to cut down a 48" diameter tree with only your knee and ankle bones. We were slower than molasses, and a dip in the river was necessary. I lay on a log suspended above whitewater rapids to air dry, which quickly reversed my entire mental state into the ups. This again proves that any form of cold fresh water cures anything you have. We started the climb of another pass, but after 18 miles, we decided to call it a day and camp at Rae Lakes. It is beautiful here and seems to be popular based on all the little headlights across the lake.

We are planning our exit. We must average 17-18 miles per day over these huge passes in the next few days. We have been pushing ourselves from the beginning, might as well make it a full beating.

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