Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 7: (mile 93.2 – mile 108.1)

We slept in until 8am today because of our big day yesterday. The river (bear creek) that we camped near is a lot prettier during the daylight. We couldn’t see it when we rolled in last night in the dark. I casted a few times before breakfast, and then we fished along the river for the first 3 miles of our hike. We took a swim in the Marie lake, jus shy of Selden pass. It was cold, but refreshing. I covered myself in camp suds and went at it, yelping like a dog being turned into a popsicle.

The south side of Selden pass is beautiful. There looks to be great camping near Sally Keyes lake, but we can’t take advantage because our mileage quota rings, ‘go go go’, not ‘stay and have a relaxing outdoor adventure.’ After dropping 3,000 ft. down the pass we finally arrive at Muir Trail Ranch. We set up an awesome campsite near the San Joaquin River, near the other 100 through-hikers awaiting food caches. We will add a full load of weight with new gear and new food tomorrow morning.

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